Hello from Bristol!


Good afternoon and happy Friday everyone!

So a little bit about me (will try not to bore you!)

Back in September last year I was sadly, like may others, made redundant due to COVID. It felt very sad as after 13 years with the same company, I wasn’t able to say goodbye properly to all my friends. Being the positive person I am, I took the news and embraced it (which did actually shock my husband). But it gave me the opportunity to focus on looking after our daughter and able to home-school her through lockdown.

During this time I applied for many project management roles, but the shear volume of applicants meant that even a response to say I wasn’t a successful applicant was few and far between. So on one of my many SD walks with my friend, I had a lightbulb moment! I was going to start my own VA business!

I am now in the last stages of setting up and hoping to launch Olive Branch VA early April. I have downloaded all the legal documents I need and updating them with my information, but this is an area that I find tricky! The jargon always sends my head in a spin! So this task keeps dropping down the list…eeek! Any tips would be appreciated?

Olive Branch VA ethos will be to EMPOWER business owners to work on their businesses not in it. Provide day-to-day admin and project SUPPORT and most importantly giving my clients and myself the life/work BALANCE we all deserve!

I am excited to be able to engage with so many like minded people and hope I can help you out in some way too!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Its all quite daunting but incredibly exciting too!


Hi Sophie,

There are a few VAs in the Bristol area and they were running a VA Meet Up in Bristol itself - so might be worth a look on both LinkedIn and google etc as the name of who was running it escapes me at the mo.

There is also the South West VA Collaboration run by Joanne Manville and Rachel Guyat - might be worth reaching out to them as well.

Exciting times ahead for you.


Hi Amanda
Thank so much for this. I will get searching and see if can get connected!
Really appreciate it :smile:


Hi Sophie,

I am a VA in Bristol, it would be great to connect with another local VA.

There is a FB group in Bristol where we meet up and they have online meetings (Bristol VA’s is run by Ruth Bruce and Jess Bateman). I think there are about 23 members.

If I can be of any assistance please feel free to contact me.

Amanda Faramus


Hi Amanda

Indeed, would be great to connect…I have just sent a request to you on LinkedIn (hope don’t mind). Excuse the lack of VA detail on there at the moment. It is on my task list to do this week :wink:

Thank you for the suggested group - I have just had a look on FB but struggling to find it? I wonder whether you are able to invite me at all?

Thanks again,


Hi Sophie,

I really enjoyed reading your post. I am in the very early stages of my research into becoming a VA so I read you post with interest. Olive Branch VA is a brilliant name as well!

Very best of luck when everything goes live in April! I may ask you a couple of questions if you don’t mind as I’m much further back than you in setting up my business. I am still working full time but doing a lot of research and trying to take a few courses to brush up on things like the Mac, using digital marketing and an actual introductory course for VA’s.

Welcome to the forum and again the very best of luck!



Hi Sophie,

Here is the link to the Bristol VA’s Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/319728321841181 - if you have any further problems let me know and I will contact one of the Admins to invite you.

Of course I don’t mind I will check LinkedIn for you.

Definitely get your LinkedIn updated Sophie, most of my clients come from LinkedIn.



Hi Ben

So pleased you like the post, I get very nervous when doing them. Guess they will get easier the more I do :slight_smile:

The name came quite easily thankfully. My daughter is called Olive and the offering of the olive branch really is the core and purpose of my business ethics :blush:

I would be more than happy to answer any questions, hopefully I can help you.

Good luck to you too!



Thanks Amanda, I check out the link now.

Linkedin and my other social media pages are top of my list this week :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your support, and hopefully speak soon.



Welcome to SVA Sophie - as you can see it’s a friendly bunch!


Thank you Caroline,

It really feels very friendly. Looking forward to being able to reach out to like minded people.


Thank you Sophie, what a lovely name for the business when its your daughters name!

Best of luck!



Hi Amanda/ Sophie,
Sorry to jump in on your conversation; I am in the process of ‘Introducing myself’ on here, but had a little read of this post first as I am from just outside Bristol- it would be great to meet up sometime.
I have tried the FB link and am having problems as it is a closed group- could I be cheeky and ask that you invite me too.
Thank you, Emma Baker - The VA Workroom


Hi Emma,

Hope you are well :slight_smile:

I actually had trouble with the link for the FB group but have joined a few others.

I just connected with you on LinkedIn (hope you dont mind) as would be lovely to meet up as think it is important to support each other on this journey!

Have a good evening.



Hi Emma,

I am sorry I didn’t respond to this message earlier I got distracted and just remembered.

I would love to connect with another VA living near Bristol.

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