Hello from a newbie!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Claire and I am currently in the middle of launching my VA Business. I say ‘middle’ as while I have my insurance, ICO registration, and two clients already on board I’m still working on my website and LinkedIn profile, but I suppose these things are always a work in progress!

My business is simply called Claire Goyer VA Services and I will be focusing on supporting clients in the Pet Industry. I have over 20 experience running my own award winning Pet Shop as well as Dog Training and Behaviour Businesses. Before that I worked for the Bank of Ireland, first as a Process Analyst then as a Business Analyst in the IT Project Management Office.

Looking forward to connecting with you all in the very near future,

Best Regards - Claire


Hello Claire,

Welcome to the foyer. Sounds like you’ve got things well organised, congrats on the two clients. I’ve been running my business for six years and am currently planning on updating both the website and the LinkedIn profile this summer when things are quieter. So yep - always a work in progress.


Definitely your experience in business already will serve you well - I think that’s the bit which most VAs struggle with TBH!

Good luck!



Big Welcome from me too @clairegoyer

Anna :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover: