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Hello, I’m Tracy and I’ve just launched Simply Sorted Business Services with my sister, Melanie. I’m based in Chichester in West Sussex and Melanie is based in Hartlepool in the North East of England. I’ve read that networking is a great source of referrals for Virtual Assistants. Does anyone have any recommendations for networking groups that are either online, in West Sussex or in the North East? Our website is www.simply-sorted.co.uk and we have company pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. It would be great if you could follow us!


There are so many available all over the UK, check your local network groups first and Chamber of commerce etc. It can take time to get a feel for what you are looking for in terms of contacts and value for money too. Bare in mind that there may be other VA’s in that network already. The chances are it is OK.

It sounds amazing that you can work together on this, your website looks great too.


Thanks Keira, this is really helpful.


Hello Tracy
I live in Chichester too and I’m just starting out with my VA business. Small world! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Tracy,

I would take a look at BNI (they are very structured and have targets for referrals and meet weekly)
I am a member of real5 networking - however I don’t think they have any groups local to you?
Your Partnerships were offering 30 days free networking when you registered with them and they have loads of groups across the UK. All done online so you can go to any event and make the most of the first 30 days free.
Then I googled these:

Networking has been great for me, mainly because I live alone so I always look forward to the online meetings :smile:

Good Luck,



Hello, let me know if you ever fancy meeting for a coffee to discuss our start-up journeys. My email address is tracy@simply-sorted.co.uk. It would be great to hear how other newbies are getting on.


Thanks Kat. This is really useful.


No worries happy to help :grinning: