Hello Everyone


image Hey everyone

I taken the leap and decided after 15 years of having a middle man to deal with, I have gone solo into the world of VAs.

I am having issues gaining a client. Ex employers are more than happy to recommend me but the big guns seem to get in their first? Any advice?

Check me out www.takebacktime.co.uk

Any feedback whether positive or negative is greatly appreciated - I’m on my own here


Hi Navana

Great website! Congratulations for taking the leap - this is amazing.

My advice for getting new clients is to tell everyone about your business and network with groups local to you to begin with then more so online.

Good luck



Hi Navana,

Welcome to the VA world and well done on taking the leap! Aesthetically your website is gorgeous! I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I did spot a couple of typo’s/spelling errors :slight_smile:

  • On the pop-up, (which is great by the way!), the first ‘your’ should be ‘you’re’

  • In your services page on the far left you have ‘1 Hour £20h’ instead of ‘1 hour £20/ph’.

The rest of it looks amazing - love the simplicity, easy to navigate and clear!

In terms of finding clients, I’m with Keira - network, network, network! Tell everyone you know, find out where you ideal client hangs out (online!), and show up there bringing your awesome value so you flag up on their radar.

All the best with your journey!



Then you so much I have corrected them and I will network network network