Hello everyone


Hi Everyone, I thought I would introduce myself as I am new to the Society of Virtual Assistants. My name is Keira. I am in the process of building my business and I am enjoying every second. It is a huge learning curve with the set up and the processes together with building my client base. (It is all coming together though which is great and I am learning everyday with how my clients work). The information provided here is a great help and it’s good to be a part of the Society. I hope I get a chance to chat to some of you during my journey - thank you so much. Wishing you all a lovely weekend and I hope your businesses are building nicely. x


Hello hun, I’m also new here just starting out on my own… have a meeting with my first potential client this week and I’m so nervous. This site has given me so much help in getting prepared… I’m in South Yorkshire. Good luck to you on your business start up xx


How exciting - Good Luck. You will feel so much better afterwards and your confidence will grow and grow. Thank you :slight_smile: It is going really well, I am learning so much and I currently have two clients that I starting to work with which is great. Lovely to be in the group to be able to see how everyone else is doing and ask for help/ advice if needed. xx