Hello everyone


Hi Everyone. I’m Lisa and I live in the gorgeous Spa town of Harrogate. I’ve been working in Admin/bookkeeping roles for almost 30 years but For the last few years I’ve wanted a new challenge & have been working towards (albeit half heartedly) becoming a VA. A month ago, there were changes announced at work, which gave me the push I needed to become a VA. I’m hoping to have my website up and running by the end of November and my social media accounts a few weeks later. I’m studying towards an ICB level 2 bookkeeping course (although I’ve been doing company books for Many years, I don’t have an official qualification). Once I have everything in place my next step is getting my first client.
I have been networking with colleagues, friends and families so I’m already planting the seed.
I’m looking forward to concentrating on making this a success and I’m sure this group will be beneficial in helping me achieve it.


The group is truly great. I wish I had logged on in the summer when I was having such a bad time of things … but instead, I battled on in silence which I now realise was silly.
Then September arrived and I became crazy busy. Sigh (though better that way).
Bookkeeping will really be useful as I get many requests for it even though I do not list it on my website.
Good luck with it all.


Thanks Anna. I’m so glad I found this group as early as I did.


Welcome to SVA - the ICB networking sessions are good too, loads of VAs get referrals through those, so make sure you get along to them!


Thank you Caroline. I will definitely look into that one. :wink:


I am looking to connect with VA’s who may possibly be able to do some associate work in the Durham area next year if your interested and want to possibly have a chat?
I also don’t offer book keeping but would be great to have some contact details to pass work on to.


Thank you for the encouragement.
Depending on when and what the work would be I’m open to a chat about it. However, Durham is about 70 miles from me and I don’t usually travel that far.