Hello everyone!


Hello everyone, my name is Heather and I launched Innovirtual Business Solutions in January 2019, so I am very new to all this. I am located in Derby.

I decided to become a Virtual Assistant due to having a disability and struggling with working in an office. My hope is to help and inspire people with disabilities to get back into work and to guide them on setting up their own VA business.

I have a strong administrative background, I was working as a business and admin officer for 5 years and in this time I completed my Level 3 in Business and Admin.
I will be offering a range of services from general administration to social media management to planning events.

Will be great to connect with you. If there’s anyone in and around the Derby area would be great to meet or look into networking events.

Many thanks

Heather :slight_smile:


Hi Heather

VAing can be great for balancing healthcare needs - especially as you cut out a big stressful chunk of the day which is the daily commute! There is the North West VA Conference in Warrington which might be useful to you: https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/event/north-west-va-conference-2019/

And the big one is in London @ Olympia on 27 Feb: http://www.vaconference.co.uk/agenda.html


Hi Caroline

Thank you for responding, I will have a look at the links you have sent.

Best wishes Heather


Hi Heather

Welcome to the group. I’m Derbyshire based, just outside Ashbourne so not too far from Derby. I’m happy to meet up sometime, the next few weeks are busy for me but I may have time in early March, feel free to drop me an email brenda@bkofficeservices.co.uk or let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.



Hi Heather, welcome and I look forward to hearing more about your business. There are so many reasons why VAs start their business and I love the fact that you want to do something that helps others get back to work. Shout if you have any questions. Regards Amanda


Hi Brenda

Thank you, would love to meet for a Coffee when you’re free.

Best wishes



Hi Amanda

Thank you so much. I look forward to getting to know you all better, its a great network and everyone is so welcoming.

It can be a bit daunting starting out, I’m still trying to get my first client but i’m hopeful that it will come.

Best wishes