Hello all


Hi there

My name is Olivia and I’m just at the very beginning of my VA adventure. I worked for 26 years in the public sector but was dismissed in January for medical capability! I have a couple of neuro issues that just made the set hours difficult and they wouldn’t let me work from home, gotta love local government!

Anyway, I’m hoping it’s a blessing in disguise! I’ve set up as Purple PA Services (huge Prince fan since the 80s!) website under construction. Looking forward to being part of the VA community, loved it so far, such a helpful bunch.



Welcome :slight_smile:


Hi Liv

Welcome to SVA! We actually have quite a high number of VAs who have health issues and they’ve opted to become VAs in the hopes of managing their condition better - so I hope some of them can pop by and give some top tips???

Speak soon!


Thanks Caroline

Its good to know that it can be done with a couple of extra little issues.


Hi Liv,

Congratulations on starting your VA adventure. I hope it’s not long before your previous employers find out how much you are really capable of, now that you are self-employed! It will be a great message for them to see that it’s their inflexible approach which makes a situation untenable, rather than the employee who is highly capable but required a little flexibility for good reason.

I think you are right that this was a blessing in disguise because you’re on the right track and much better off without their stifled thinking!

Congratulations and best of luck.



Hi Liv, so sorry to hear your employer wasn’t sympathetic towards your health issues. I have a rare endocrine illness which required neuro surgery. I went down to part-time hours at the office job and became self employed so I could have better flexibility. It can be done! Good luck xx