Hello All


My name is Kate and my company is Basingpaservices.com. I am a newly trading V.A. Based in North Hampshire, I launched at the beginning of November and have even busy networking. I am very excited to be starting off on this new adventure and am really enjoying all my own admin needed to set up. I have an interview/brief for my first client tomorrow- nervous doesn’t even come close! Big case of imposter syndrome.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I am really looking forward to being part of this association as it seems like a very supportive and professional set up.


Funnily enough … still groggy from my cold, I allowed myself to be much more distracted than I should have been today, and ended up following a few links from my LinkedIn account.

One was to this interesting talk which I think might be right up your street!

As for preparation, I am sure you are more than ready!
One word of warning though, I have, on several occasions now, found myself with the prospective client arrive late, sit at the coffee table and ask, almost before anything else, “so, what do we do?”
I had extensively Googled them beforehand so I got through somehow, but I tried to list too many things I could do for them, and they were totally lost!

I have now tried to come up with a few questions I can give prospective clients before we meet, but it’s not easy and all too often they just don’t feel they have the time to read them, which is crazy!

I am sure all will go well. Let us know how things go.
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you Anna, some great advice. I love the idea of the questions that put the ball in their court - I’ll have a think about crafting some of those.
I too am groggy with cold but fortunately this meeting is more of a briefing I think as she has a discreet project she wants me for but until I’m certain of this I shall treat it as if I’m o e of many she’s looking at.
I’m a little scared to stick to my guns on pricing, though I know I must. The hardest thing is to know how to quote for the whole project as I don’t know how long it will take me.
Wish me luck!


Good luck Kate - let us know how it goes!


Thank you, it went well. Signed up for a small piece of work but interested in maybe developing into more further down the line.
Whoop whoop. First client😁


Well done! :tada::clap:

How did you work out your pricing strategy in the end?

I am still struggling with project work costings … Sigh!


Fab news Kate! @basingpaservices :+1:


I was just about to wish you luck for the meeting but then, having scrolled down some more, saw you say this. Amazing news. Well done! Fingers crossed for you it’s the first of many.

If you don’t mind me asking too, how did you find this client - referral, networking, etc? I too and a newbie to all of this. I’m in the final stage of finishing all the admin bits needed, then really as of next week, I need to focusing on client attraction.


This lady was someone I met at a local networking meeting. However, the Know, Like, Trust factor was higher because she was a longtime acquaintance of the friend who took me along. I have a few potential leads from the networking groups I go to. I have chosen 4 locally and an attending regularly as that is the advice I have received. In conjunction I am using LinkedIn to connect with the people I meet at these groups.
My next step is to choose 10 local companies and target them directly but I am still contemplating my niche and want to be sure of that before I do this.
Hope this helps.


I like the systematic approach here… And the fact that you have a variety of ways of contacting people and different marketing pools! Well done!