Health & Safety responsibility for multi VA companies


Hi - I run Bay Tree VA which is a multi-VA company. A colleague has come across info on government websites that effectively says, even though VAs who work for us our self employed, we have H&S responsibilities towards them. I don’t have a problem with that; just wondered if any of you have come across this and have any pointers in place on this please? Look forward to hearing from you.
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Yes - you cannot ask them to operate an “unsafe system of work” so for VAs that would be ensuring they have screen breaks and comfort breaks built into their deadlines and potentially that they are using the right equipment (chair/desk/screen height etc).

Basically this is in place so that building contractors don’t put subbies on an unsafe building site.


Hi Caroline - I did think it was going to be the basics, which we factor in and are covering in annual reviews, but thought I’d better check. Thanks for coming back on this though, which is reassuring.