Greetings from Northants:)


I’m so delighted to have come across this wonderful Society, full of amazing support articles, helping me no end with direction - after all it’s only taken me a year to get my head around this plus finding the confidence - anyone else the same?

Can’t wait to say Hi to others at the starting post or past it, not literally of course!


Hi Mandy,

Welcome to the community! Everyone here is so lovely and I certainly was made to feel very welcome when I started, and felt the same as you regarding confidence…I think it effects a lot of people starting out in this world!

Wishing you all the best in your venture :slight_smile:



Hi Hannah

Thank you so much for the welcome and reassurance.

I see you are in Bedford, we are almost neighbours, can I ask are you finding a reasonable rate of interest?

Warm regards


Hi Mandy,

No worries at all! I’m actually not in Bedford, I’m in Chichester so not sure why something on my profile is saying Bedford, I’ll have to look into that!

I have managed to get a good rate of interest - I found that niching was the key for me. Nearly all of my clients have chosen me because of my background in their industries!

How are you finding things?



Welcome Mandy! I’m a newbie too - I’ve officially launched now and have my first client as well as some associate roles so things are finally moving for me after a prolonged set up stage!!

You’re definitely in the right place - I’ve found SVA to be a goldmine and it’s really helped me out when I’ve had wobbles.

Congratulations and good luck!


Thank you so much for your encouragement, I’m very slow to start as I want to get it right, never realised there was so much to being self employed from so many angles, hopefully it will be this week for me too.

All the best to you as well in your business x