Greetings from Glasgow


Hi Everyone,
Im Shelley from Glasgow.
I have worked within PA/Secretary and marketing for nearly 20 years in various industries.
Due to having a baby last year, I gave up my FT role and took a night role but I previously ran a small jewellery business and loved working for myself and felt applying the skills I built up over the years as well as a few side areas which I have some knowledge of - Graphic Design, Campaign Management,etc that I could apply these towards a new venture and hopefully mean I can spend more time with my baby watching her grow up while also working on my terms (as physical night work compared to my previous cosy office work is a bit of a shocker) :smiley:

I haven’t yet set up my business yet. I have been liaising with Business Gateway who have been very helpful providing me with all the documention I need to read through and realise many areas I never even considered (cyber insurance), but Ive joined SVA in the hope to gain some additional information/research while I slowly develop on my business plan over the next few months and hopefully see a start up date of April.

Any advice would be VERY much appreciated - While im savvy on the computer and years of experience in PA, I know I will likely forget something.

So hello all, and hopefully be chatting more soon x


Hi Shelley

Fellow Glaswegian here, so you are in good company. Just out of interest, did BG tell you about SVA? (And which office was it?)

They are supposed to be rolling this out and I’m not 100% sure whether or not it’s happening on a wider basis… But yes, we do have some goodies for newbies who come through them which we are working on! Still in progress…


Hi Caroline
I had seen SVA when browsing for information but it is also listed SVA as a recommendation in their VA information pack which they sent me when enquiring about the role. (Attached)

I am Afraid I never caught the department but I received the information once I filled out their questionnaire


Cool - that’s very helpful, I know which one that is.


@Shelley83 Welcome to SVA! You will love it here.
You’ve got so much experience, I am sure you will smash it as a VA!
I am sure you are already researching like crazy- one tip i have been telling start ups is “don’t over complicate it!” I did this, to such a silly extent, that I was missing the point. What I really needed was to get contracts, insurance, everything ticked off this checklist (it makes sense when you read it!)

Then build my presence, especially face to face networking and social media. It helps to show potential customers that you exist!
It wasn’t until I simplified the way I worked that I started to make decent money.
I want to take the chance to also recommend Darren Strudwick who sorts out websites for VAs specifically- for £95 a year- that includes a whole bunch of other things too. I discovered him after I already did my site (gutted) but it would have saved me so much time. ( i hope it’s okay to mention Darren on here)
x x