Google Apps vs Office 365 or just plain Office!



Just wondered what peoples views are on these products when working with clients.

I guess good and bad on all, really like google apps for gmail and syncing to calendar and pc version of office for the more familiar word and excel plus no internet connection is needed.

Hope to get some useful feedback!

Many Thanks



Depends a bit - I’m not a big fan of the fully integrated approach as I work with multiple clients and VAs and it’s too easy for people to get muddled and send the wrong thing or delete something critical.

Office 365 does seem to have some limitations… My husband is using it and he says it is a pretty expensive way of getting email and spreadsheets. He’s about to switch. I’m hearing good things about Google for Business but the security on it is questionable given all the backdoors there are on Gmail - I haven’t looked into it much though so they might have sorted this issue.


I use 365 as I like the latest version, as I also teach IT, but it has its shortfalls, as you don’t get the full version (and I use the business level!) and if you are working out and about, you can’t access it without a connection.

So you would still need an existing version on your PC to enable you to work without the connectivity…

I am considering getting the standard version as I work all over the place, and think this would be better for me longer term.


Usually I use Google DOcs but sometimes come back to MS Word.