Google Analytics sign in hassle


Set up a GA account years ago but hardly used it and no longer have a note of the password. More recently accessed it via a Wordpress plug in via my website- now this is no longer free. I am not keen to take on yet another subscription for something so I attempted a login via the forgotten password route. Unsuccessful. It wants me to verify who I am via an account I have for my employer’s (I’m employed by one organisation) G Suite system. Unhappy so used my own personal gmail account, which was rejected as it wasn’t part of a G Suite system. Online info says set up a google account with my own email address. Very nervous about doing this. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks, Janet


They probably will want you to sign in with your personal email as the Google Analytics will have been set up with that - you’ll need to sign out of any other google accounts (Gmail, Gsuite, Google Calendar etc) and for safety I’d clear cache/history on your browser.

It’ll probably ask you some security questions, and it may send you a text message to your mobile or an email to the registered email to get you to confirm that the person who is trying to log in, is the person who set up the account.

Don’t get it to link the accounts by trying to sign in elsewhere and add the email to that account…Which is probably what the login was trying to make you do!


Caroline, you are a marvel. It worked! Thanks so much. Janet


I’m getting much techier in my old age - I solved a wordpress theme disaster for someone on FB the other day too… Was quite impressed with myself!!


:muscle:t5: Good on you Caroline. :slight_smile: