Getting on "THE" coveted list


Hello my lovelies. How long did it take for you to get on the approved list with SVA? I think it was last Saturday when I sent my request via the website, ticking boxes and adding reference numbers where ask - good child that I am. There is a section that asks for the specific page(s) where I have linked SVA. So I have put the logo in there on my website and linked it. I’m just nervous of not being approved yet officially?? I don’t want to be a bad example or get a rollocking (ooo don’t ya just love that word) for mis-using the logo.

Thanks so so so so much


Hi Mandie

They usually get processed on Fridays, but if there are a lot of entries or we’ve got other SVA stuff to do, it will get bumped to the following Friday. The best thing you can do is make sure you’ve followed the instructions and that all your Client T&Cs, website T&Cs, Cookie popups etc and the link back to SVA are working - those tend to be the things which get knocked back.

We’ll be in touch soon!


Hi Caroline,
I can’t seem to find the list on here - am I being daft? Can you point me in the right direction please? I’ve never checked if I’m on there!


It’s this one:

Everyone gets an invite once they have been a member for a little while, but we need you to be able to comply with a few rules in order to recommend you:

  • Have a website of professional quality. Including a UK mailing address, Terms and Conditions, cookie policy*, privacy policy*, and acceptable use policy*.
  • Have professional email addresses. These must be domain specific and no
  • Back up data securely off site.
  • Answer phone calls or emails received within office hours next working day. Or to have an answerphone or autoresponder giving further information about when you will respond to the query.
  • Be professional. Only take on tasks which you are fully capable of completing and have suitable professional indemnity insurance.
  • Be based in the UK. We do not list offshore VAs.
  • Be ICO registered. Have data controller registration via Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • Contribute. Have contributed to the industry by interacting with our forums, facebook pages or in another demonstrable way.
  • Link. You must link back to our website.


Hi Caroline,
Yes I completed the information a couple of years ago but I’m not on there unfortunately. I think the only things I’m missing are the Terms etc on my website, which is currently having work done to it.


We’re always happy to have people reapplying, but you do need everything on there! Ping me an email when it is update to date and I will send you the link to apply…

The main aim is to get as many VAs as possible following best practice, so very much an effort to get everyone singing from the same hymnsheet!