Furry Friends



Anyone else have any furry friends in their office?

I have a cat called Mog trying to lay on my hand while I’m typing. She’s very sweet though. I’ve had her for a year and she never fails to amuse me with her little noises and running off with my pens/pencils and putting them in her den under the sofa.


I too have a cat - her name is Princess Lottie. Frankly, she’s quite high maintenance and a little bit insane, but she makes me laugh. I have to be nice to her today because she found 2 pieces of jigsaw puzzle for me which I was looking for all last week. Clever girl!


Aww love the name Princess Lottie. Yes they can be helpful sometimes can’t they finding random things that have gone under cabinets etc.


No cat, but a Border Terrier called Holly. she isn’t as high maintenance as a cat!



Hi all, I have a 14 year old fluffy black cat called Pyewacket. The name of a witches cat from an old movie, Bell, Book and Candle.

She is a reeeaaaalll part of the family and has us all very well trained to open doors, stroke her, and she even stands like a pointer dog when she wants her treats! I know what I want to come back as!!


Definitely agree with you there Heather, I want to come back as a cat as well they’ve got great lives! Excellent cat name too btw.


I have a now ancient and probably geriatric feline called Henry who is 16. He’s quite doddery these days and can’t get on to the desk anymore, but he reminds me of his existence by headbutting my leg and chirruping. So I stop whatever I’m doing to give him another drink of cat milk which he now seems to be addicted to!


I occasionally have a dog. I’m an emergency boarder for Guide Dogs for the Blind so have dogs now and then and some like to be in the office with me. It’s great because I get to talk to them and not just me!!


I think that’s an ace idea Angela… they would be really well behaved too being guide dogs?


They are indeed Caroline. I’m also applying to do the same with Hearing Dogs for the Deaf


I have 3 Persians, Angus,Tilly & Maddie, reds and naughtie torties!