Hello Everyone!

I’m Francesca. Based in North Yorkshire, I set up my business in only September 2018 and it’s called FG Tailored Office. Am delighted to be part of this forum and look forward to interacting with you all.


Welcome to the group :smiley_cat: Francesca!

Sounds like you already have everything sorted … as for me, as you may have guessed from my recent post (read “rant”) on … I am just starting out.

Hope you find the Forum useful … I know I wouldn’t have had the courage to move forward as much as I have done without it.

Anna :slight_smile:


Hello Anna

Thank you for your welcome, it’s much appreciated!:smile:

My initial intention when becoming self-employed was to be a freelance administrator who would be working “on site” but recently I have also started working for clients virtually so it made sense to join the SVA and learn all about being a virtual assistant as well. It seems to be a great forum for support.

I will have a look at your rant…ooops, I mean post!

Best wishes


Welcome Francesca. I’m also a newbie to this “world” and have found this website a God send at times - both the pages of information available already, and the forum in itself.

Great to read your business has got off to a great start. Long may that continue!! :grinning:


Hello Francesca

Welcome to SVA!

Working virtually has a lot of benefits to you and to the clients - having that control over when/where/how you work is definitely a massive bonus, but you’ll find the virtual working skills are quite different to how you work for on site clients. (I often think we don’t highlight how this changes the relationship enough!)

Have a dig around, read lots and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions!


Hi Adrienne. Thank you for your welcome and good wishes! :grinning:

Yes, there is so much help and information on this website and I’m looking forward to chatting in the forum. When did you set up?


Hello Caroline

Thank you! Yes, it certainly is very different - I will have a good read of everything and drop into the forum with what will be, no doubt, numerous of questions!



Hi Francesca. I am literally in the process of doing so now - I’m finalising the website, almost have my business terms signed off, then I can get my insurance in place, etc. I did my first networking event last week which was useful, and have another two lined up for February. I recently moved back to Wiltshire following fifteen years in London and, with two young girls, I need something to work around them. So :crossed_fingers:


Just to jump on this point too, which I have only now spotted, along with Caroline’s reply. How do you find the two different offerings - is it definitely a case of adapting your ways of working? I have to be honest, I think I will be much better for this which, at least in part, I will work face-to-face with.


TBH in my experience, if you offer on site work the clients treat you differently than they do if you are a VA… The whole relationship changes. Managing the relationship virtually is what makes you a virtual assistant.

And a lot of clients simply want VAs to come on site because it’s cheaper and easier than hiring a temp - especially when you consider that most temp agencies have a minimum charge per day and a high turnover of staff. Working on site long term also puts you firmly at risk of being classed as an employee rather than a freelancer/self-employed…big target for HMRC with IR35 being rolled out into the private sector this year.


That’s great! Have you done much networking before in your previous role(s)? I find it becomes easier and more enjoyable the more you do - especially with the all women groups where there is less awkward business card pushing and more just gradually getting to know one another and giving support.


Yes of course - the clue is in the name. I hope to be able to do a mix of the two, depending on what service they need. My background is operational and for some clients I’d have thought they’d want me onsite. For others not so much. I’m not surprised you say what you do though and it’s interesting that there certainly is a very different way of working depending on if virtual or otherwise.

Yes agreed, although the considerations for IR35 are of course more than just location. Definitely something to avoid though and bear in mind.

Gosh, there’s always something! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nope - never really had to do it before. I did my first one last week and have another next week, plus one at the end of February. I have to admit, I don’t take to them naturally, but hope that as time goes on and I feel more comfortable in my offering - and actually have a client :relaxed: - then I’ll be more relaxed at them. You’re spot on re women only ones - that’s what I’ve scheduled so far. I was invited to one where you have a sixty second pitch only, male and female, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that quite yet. Daft really but…


Absolutely! But I have a sneaking suspicion that if HMRC sees VAs offering on site services, we are going to be the next profession to get hammered with a crack down.

Hello Everyone