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Is it worth having a category for potential work opportunities. I sometimes get contacted with work which I choose not to, or can’t undertake, for whatever reason!!
Would be good to be able to offer client to source a VA for them (not suggesting any charge or anything - just kudos for finding someone for them)…
Example : just introduced myself in another message and I’ve also said I have a client relocating to Kent who needs someone to pick up the onsite bits of work I would have done for him except that its too far for me to travel?
Just a thought…


highly agree. Or at least a list of all the va’s here and where they are located on a map?


Hi there,

There is a section for this which used to be open to all but we found a lot of people were being let down and so we closed it so that only Approved members can see it.

Now I know that you are all champing at the bit to become approved - the good news is Neil has it sorted. The bad news is he’s out of the office today and so I haven’t had a chance to idiot check my brain against it…

(I have extraordinary skills at being able to create havoc in my wake - ask Sally or Lyndsey!!!)

So we’ll drop you all an email when it goes live and you’ll be able to register to get your Approved logo, access to closed areas of the forum, website listing on the search facility etc.

Fingers crossed!


Great… that sorts that one then!!

have to think of something else to be clever then lol!!


Looking forward to this.


Me too, thanks so much, Caroline. :wink:


And me. Brilliant. Well done Caroline (again) :wink:


Am I missing something, or is there no section for this, even though I am an approved member? :question:


I was wondering the same thing Peter.


VLT Secret@rial Services


Technically no one is approved until they confirm which services they offer and that the logo is inserted on their site. Once we’ve checked then we add you into the approved section of the forum and into the searchable database.

A bit of a tedious process but it stops people from being listed when they haven’t actually put the logos on their site or told us what they do!




I’ve now been checked and approved but still can’t see the forum category?



Have you told Neil that the logo is on your site and that you are now ready to be listed in the database?


I had an email from Neil last week and I am now listed on the database but still don’t seem to be able to see a new category :frowning:


I’ll double check with him!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Have you subscribed to the approved users user group?

If you click on usergroups - above the log out link
then click on more info you should be able to request to join the group.

Mind you I did this on Tuesday when I was approved and it still says my membership to the usergroup is pending!

Does anyone know how long this takes to get activated?


Not long!


Neil forgot to tell me some of you had been approved! anyway, I think I’ve added everyone who should be included… If I’ve forgotten anyone PM me and I’ll sort it out!



Thank you!


I’ve just done as you said Sara and will now wait and see. Thanks. :wink: