Guys - are your flags working better now to show you when you have a new topic to read? I discovered a filename which was erroneous and I think I’ve fixed it… (Famous last words!!)



Hmmm. I never had a problem, so I can’t comment! :slight_smile:


Mine has not worked for a while but is working perfectly today.



technical genius I am! 8)

(or something!)


If you say so :laughing:


I’ve been trying intermittently with no success. There were no more new messages by the time I found this, so will try next time and report back. I hope it is working now as it’s a pain to trawl through stuff already read!!


Its working for me now, thanks


They seemed to be ok yesterday but today they’ve all disappeared again - I clicked one and it took me to the newest message (yay!) and then when I went back to the main forum to read other new postings, all the flags had gone.

ho hum


For a long time I have logged on via ‘check for new messages’ and then onto the Forum itself - that way I have been able to see the ‘flags’.

If I just use the ‘log in’ I don’t see the flags - will check it out the next couple of times I lam on.


All working again, thanks for persevering!!!


Sometimes when I log in there are new topics but no flags and other times there are flags showing, and because of this I think I am missing out on some of the topics as I dont haev time to see what I have already read etc.


When I logged on earlier today I saw the flags, however I didn’t look at the postings. I’ve come back on tonight but most of the flags have disappeared :?