First client is dropping me


Hello all

I’m Chloe, I started out doing VA about 2 months ago via I was very lucky to have someone approach me an offer me a job. I had been a but sceptical about the approach on this website though. But none the less I secured my first client and it was great.

I discovered in this forum not longer after starting out, I had been charging so little (£10 per hour) and learned about charging per project, this forum and site has really helped me to value myself. I have ten years experience in admin as well as many other areas.

Well I have been given then news that my client is not keeping me on, of course I am gutted but a part of me feels this is a blessing.

I must admit I have work to do on the side of websites, pages and getting myself out there.

Does anybody have any similar experience?

Would love to hear people opinions. .

What would you suggest I do next to raise my confidence? …

Hope your all having a successful month



TBH PPH isn’t great for getting long term clients, they do tend to massively “price shop” and just go with what’s cheapest on that day. Having said that, I know a few VAs who have done well on PPH with fixed price services for something they know inside out or have done lots of research on or have the software for already (e.g. setting up social media profiles, or creating media contact lists, or whiteboard videos etc)


Yeah I did get a feeling about the site.

What would recommend I do next?



Hi Chloe,

I am a new VA too, I haven’t gone down the PPH route, I have been networking in my local area and making use of social media. I am a bit of a shrinking violet in life however, I am finding the networking really good for building confidence because I just talk to people, find out what they do and ask questions about their business. If they ask about me and mine, great, I’ll tell them as much or as little as I feel they want and because I am comfortable with the services I offer, I can talk about them until the cows come home.

I have been using my unpaid time to improve my website, schedule posts on social media, interact with others on social media, go to free workshops (provided by Enterprising Worcestershire), go to as many free networking events as I can and research areas of my work that are a little rusty. I don’t have money for paid advertising so I have just made use of as much free stuff as I can.

Setting prices has been challenging for me too and having attended the VAVS online conference last week, there were some really great suggestions about creating packages. Just keep going Chloe, clients will come and go, you know your own strengths so be positive about those.



It’s about finding out where the people who are most likely to buy your services hang out - do they go to networking events? Are they on LinkedIn? Would they google a VA service - what words would they use in the search bar?


very sound advice Caroline xx


Such useful advise! I have been paving the way by trying lots of different avenues and definitely finding the local referral work is great!


Thank you all for your comments.


I haven’t officially start my VA journey yet. I have attending local business workshop and is great networking place, exchange information.

I have a look at the PPH, filter the jobs but I won’t go to bid for anything below my rates p/h. In my previous job experience as a real estate negotiator, my boss always told us not to undervalue our “skill”, if people unable to pay for the service, we just can’t drop our standards. That’s what I learned from my ex-job for 8 years.

I’m now trying to working out on my service packages but still scratching my head off, growing silver hairs! Afraid I make the wrong pricing and caused my biz a loss margin. :joy::sweat_smile:

I personally think face to face networking is good.