First Call


Any hints of tips for making the first call? I have one booked for this evening and I’m a bit nervous.

Also how do people end the call and do you give price there and then? I was hoping to gather as much information as I could regarding what they required and then email all the information over along with the contract.

Any helps, tips, advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Sorry - I didn’t see this till just now! How did it go?

Generally I just ask people open questions about their business and let them talk - 2 ears, one mouth is a good rule.


The first call always scares me!

Partly because i have a very husky voice but i use that as my ice breaker.

People always think i am unwell and after they have asked about it tend to feel embarrassed (there is no need to be i don’t mind people asking) but i find the approach and conversation is more relaxed.


Oh are you like the Mariella Frostrup of VAs? How lovely - I used to work with a girl Jessica who had a voice like that, I could have listened to her for hours!


Even more husky/quiet than that. There is no shouting from me :blush: My voice range doesn’t allow that.


Hi, hope your call went well.

One bit of advice I would give is not to feel pressurised to price on the spot. I have under-priced myself in the past by rushing a response to their question and then regretting it afterwards. You can always refer them to your website rates page to give them an idea of your retainer packages/hourly rate.

For more specific projects, let them know you want to come up with a fair price and that you need some time to work out how much to charge and will get back to them within 24 hours. You’ll clients won’t mind and hopefully you will be able to give a more considered response.