Finally Taking a Leap


Hello everyone! I am Lauren and I have just created LEO Virtual Assistance. I am from Glasgow!

I have only created social media handles so far and a facebook page but I am quite overwhelmed by the amount of information and what I actually need to do first and foremost. But this seems like a great way to start.

I am a senior accounts assistant by day with a First Class Honours degree in Accounting and over 6 years accounts experience under my belt, but I am really looking to help business’s with any admin/bookkeeping tasks to hopefully reduce their outgoings and free up some of their time to focus on growing their businesses.


Hi Lauren!

Welcome to the community :slight_smile: You’ve absolutely done the right thing by starting here, everyone is so lovely and supportive.

Try to take one step at a time and celebrate your wins at every stage - in my experience there is always more to do so just roll with it! You’ve made a great start by getting your social media handles sorted and you’ve got an idea about your services so maybe start refining that into a proper list of services and start thinking about your rates?

All the best on your VA journey!



Hi Lauren,

Welcome. I’m relatively new here but everyone seems super helpful.

If you are planning on developing a website I’d make sure you grab the domain as soon as possible otherwise there is a risk it could be taken and would lead to inconsistencies in your branding.

I’ve always used Fasthosts for domain registration and never had any issues.

From our limited (9 months) experience as VA’s I’d say bookkeeping is in high demand, and if you’ve got the qualifications to back you up that’s a big bonus.

You may or may not know, but if you join the Xero partner scheme then you get Xero to use for your own business for free, and it’s really easy to link into your clients accounts too. We love it.

Shout if there is anything I can help with.



Thank you Matthew! I have got my domain. I just need to build the website now.

Thank you so much for your response, it is greatly appreciated!


You’re welcome Lauren. Shout if you need anything. :+1: