Facebook Groups


Hello, I’m looking for recommendations for the best Virtual Assistant Facebook groups? Can anyone help?


If you type in VA groups into FB they should come up, a really good one is The VA Handbookers, also check some out what’s available on LinkedIn too :slight_smile:


I run a Facebook community, it’s the VA Help Desk - https://www.facebook.com/groups/vahelpdesk I regularly get people messaging me, thanking me for running it as it’s a great resource for helping VAs build and grow their business.


Thanks Amanda. I’ve just sent a request to join the group.


Just accepted you - looking forward to seeing you in the group.


Obviously SVA have one but the VA Handbookers one is also good and very supportive - https://www.facebook.com/groups/vahandbookers. I’m also going to check out Amanda’s as I follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter and her advice is great!


Just accepted you into the group Sarah


Thanks Sarah. I can’t seem to find the SVA one. Do you know if it’s a hidden group?


It is a private group but SVA members can join.