Facebook for business - to have one or not?


Hi everyone.
I’m debating whether, to increase my visability, I need to consider using Facebook for business. I dislike FB and came off it personally many years ago. However, now I have my own VA business and looking to increase my client base I wonder if using this medium could be beneficial? I’d be interested to hear about others experiences of using FB for Business. And is it possible not to have friend connections post pictures of their children and pets on my pages??? Or is that something we live with LOL.

My current marketing revolves mainly around word of mouth, LinkedIn and my own website by the way.

Thanks for reading


Hi Sue,
It really depends upon who your clients are and where they hang out. For example, if your client base is predominantly professional business people who are on LinkedIn then you may not need to be on Facebook, however if you work with local tradespeople who use Facebook for their business then you may find it beneficial to be on Facebook also.



Facebook groups are good for building business and you need to engage in them with a personal profile.

On that personal profile you ensure your about section is updated with all your business details, including a link to your FB business page. So that anyone hovering over name can see links to biz page.

Don’t stress about engagement on that page instead use it for links to website / other social channels etc. People don’t buy just from your FB page it’s a place to do social proof.

Re the personal stuff, you can tie down the security to stop people seeing your personal stuff.

I hope that helps


Hi Jinty
Thanks for your feedback. My targets are a bit of both so perhaps I do need to at least have a prescence on FB so I can feed people into my other channels. It is also a case of possible clients being on FB in their private capacity I suppose…


Thanks Amanda - that’s very kind of you to provide that steer. I will take a look at setting up a profile, locking it down and then creating my business page. It looks daunting but I guess it’s easier when you dive in :slight_smile:


How did you get on with this Sue?


Hi Amanda

Apologies for jumping on this post. This advice was really helpful as I’ve set up a Facebook Business page but wasn’t aware I could link it to my personal profile (which I’ve just done).

Thanks again


Hi Amanda – I’ve not progressed this. I had a flurry of new business coupled with a stressful couple of months personally so this has had to go onto the back burner.

It’s on the ‘one-day’ pile for now


So I’m not a massive social media affiondo either - and I can honestly say I’ve never had a client from social media. There is a lot of time wasters, it’s not really where my time-poor target market hang out. However I do know clients certainly check out the profiles and expect to see an active account.

Also, you don’t want someone else to grab the name on the social media platform and create confusion, so at least get the name and stick a pinned post up telling people how to get in contact with you?


Hi Caroline - that’s a good idea and the points you make are well made. Thank you for taking the time to follow up with me. Hope things are going OK for you these days.