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Hello all, hope you are well.

I’ve written a short note about facebook fan pages that I though you may all find useful…

Whilst joining a few facebook fan pages recently belonging to the lovely ladies over at Mumpreneur group I noticed that not all fan pages have applied certain elements, so here are 5 tips for all of you to improve your clickthrough rate and usability.

Be Visible
Add your website to the “write something about yourself” box - make sure you put http:// before your link as this makes it instantly clickable. You can add a link to your twitter account, website and other networks, no need to stop at one!

Be Vain
Once you reach 25 members you can get a vanity URL from facebook which does away with all the coded numbers and letters when you post a link to your fanpage. Simply visit facebook.com/username and click on “Set a Username for your pages” then type in the name you want such as internetmarketingva and there you have it your new username is set, links become shorter and easier to post and remember.

Be Visual
Make sure you add a logo or a picture as soon as you can to your facebook fan page, images are very important as a first impression. It can tell potential fans a lot about your page without having to read any of the wall posts.

Be a little bit Cheeky!
Ok so it’s not really being cheeky but once in a while post a little note on your wall asking your fans to recommend your page to all their friends, no advertising spend required! Potentially you could be missing out on quite a few fans and a simply use of the “suggest to friends” link is beneficial. Don’t forget to use it yourself and ask your friends to become fans too. As a final point don’t forget to become a fan yourself, it happens!

Be Interactive
Set your wall posts to include all posts from you or your administrator and your fans, having them as seperate tabs prevents everyone from interacting effectively. You don’t of course have to permit fans to be able to post but it would make for a pretty droll fanpage! Simply click Edit Page on the left hand side under your logo/picture and select “Edit” under Wall Settings and select the Default view you would like, I recommend “Posts by Page and Fans”.

There are a lot more actions you can take to enhance your fanpage further, these are just the basics. Look out for a more in depth post soon, and have fun with your fanpage!

You can join my page at http://www.facebook.com/internetmarketingva

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Thanks Emma - brill post!