Express Scribe Pro users


Does anyone know how to adjust the time in the bottom half of Express Scribe Pro to reflect the true time of the transcription.

I have realised that when copying audio files over from Dropbox it adjusts the time in the Properties box to show the time it was transferred. I need it to start the transcription showing the true time it was actually recorded at - any ideas?

Hope that that makes sense!


Hi guys - well I have managed to work it out - so here is the answer in case anyone else needs it in the future.

To adjust your time-code to match the embedded time-code in a video do the following:

Select Options/Display.
Select the Time Elapsed button.
Right click on the file you wish to transcribe and select Dictation Information.
In Time Offset box enter the actual start time of your recording.

This will now match the file and will provide you with an embedded time-code for either audio or video files.

This is only available in Express Scribe version 5.3 or newer.

Happy typing.


Top tip Heather - thanks for the update!