Excited and nervous re website


Hi All
Well I managed it at the weekend, I finished my website to a level that I think I can live with, If any of you lovely peeps as a few minutes spare and would like to give me some feedback I would really appreciate it. I’m just setting up my VA business so this is a big set for me.
Many thanks Lisa :blush:


All looking good - on the bookkeeping page, I would mention the qualifications you have, packages you specialise in and also your MLR number too, as lots of clients will be looking for this if they hire a bookkeeper.


Thank you Caroline. Great points and as useful as ever. Will look at that


Hi Lisa,

First well done, building your website is no easy task. I had a look over your website and noted the below points to consider:

  • Add more CTA button’s especially to your home page to keep your visitors moving through your website.

  • Is Bookkeeping your niche? If so highlight a package, skills etc on the homepage so that people know this within the first minute of landing on your homepage. Ignore if you don’t have a niche :slight_smile:

  • I think the footer would be more effective white. This will make everything pop and will remove the box standard feel.

  • Add a cookies policy banner.

  • On your homepage at the end you have a slideshow (which is great by the way) the only thing I’m thinking is will people hang around to watch this. If they don’t they have visited your homepage without a breakdown or a clear idea of your services. I would suggest keeping this but again also adding a list or call to action buttons that click through to the relevant services page.

All just my thoughts. Hopefully it helps!



Wow Chloe that is really very helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to look into it with so I have detail. Lisa


I love it! It gives clients a clear pictures of your services and prices.


It looks great. Well done! :grin:


Thank you so much :smile:


Thank you. Really appreciate the comments


Looks good! I like the comments that Chloe made too.

I’d be interested in hearing how the 10% rolling on of hours works out. I’ve considered it a couple of times but try to keep my system simple.


Must admit, I’m too stupid to make this work properly… Keep it simple, use it or lose in my biz!