Excel - clustered and stacked columns?


I was asked to type up an Excel chart which consists of stacked clustered columns. eg. 3 sets of data columns combined so they are in the same column with different colours e.g stacked on top of one another. I can set up separate columns just fine. But if I try to use the same data and make a stacked column it changes the data numbers and therefore the appearance of the chart. I am not sure how else to describe what I mean. Maybe I could insert an image here but I am not sure how to do that.

Does anyone understand what I mean and know how to do this? I did look online but it seemed that you CAN’T do this? Must be able to though as I am copying something that’s already been done…

Any insight most appreciated


Should be able to do - just select stacked bar column or 100% stacked column in the Chart type. I find it easier to do charts like this in Powerpoint as you can see what you are doing easier…