Hello everyone

Thought you might find this interesting.

My mum works for a charity organisation and her charity has been added to www.everyclick.com. If you subscribe to a charity of your given choice, every time you click onto the internet, a certain percentage of money goes to the nominated charity, hence I have added this to my favourites and it is now my home page. Some of the work I get from clients is internet research, so although I am working I am giving a bit to charity and it doesnt cost a thing.

Allison Saberton
Office Ally



Seems to be a problem with the link provided as it takes you to another page somehow.

For everyone else, here is the link everyclick.com/



Thanks for that Lynsey, I am no good at doing links so I just type it, hence where the mistake came from. By the way, how do you put a link in like you have.

Allison Saberton
Office Ally


I just went to the webite, and then copied the web address into the post.


Ah - here is my chance to be a web guru (very rare!) - you need to type the http:// bit for it to do them properly!


Thank you ladies, see I learn something new everyday, even though I cant spell Lyndsey properly. Thanks again

Allison Saberton
Office Ally


Ill let you off Ally :laughing:

You are getting good C :wink: