Employers liability insurance


Hello everyone. I am looking for some advice about employers liability insurance following a recent conversation with an insurance broker. I am currently giving work experience to a friend who graduated from university in 2020. This is a very ad hoc arrangement, with Amy working from home, sorting out images for me to use on different social media platforms. I am not paying Amy but have promised her a reference/recommendations to help her with job hunting. And I am benefitting because I am not hugely experienced in the work Amy is doing for me, so it is freeing up my time to sort out other things.

The arrangement came up in a conversation with an insurance broker recently who told me that I needed employers liability insurance for anyone who worked for me regardless of where they worked or whether they were being paid. However the Freelancer UK website at https://www.freelanceuk.com/become/guide-hiring-freelancers.shtml states ‘Most freelancers will work on a remote basis which means that you will not be responsible for their health and safety’ which I believe covers the arrangement I have with Amy, It goes on to state ‘If they are working on your premises, this means that you will be responsible if they are harmed due to failure to have a safe working environment. If a freelancer is working on your premises then make sure that you are covered.’ However Amy is working at her own home and I do not intend for her work with me at mine.

I am a bit confused. Have I missed something or did the insurance broker advise me incorrectly?


I would recommend contacting Policy Bee Insurers as they are always really helpful with their advice