E-Signing contracts


I wonder if anyone can recommend a platform that enables free e-signing of documents. I am particularly referring to client contracts that I need the recipient to sign before starting work with someone. I have used the trial versions of Docusign and one other (the name escapes me) but when the trial runs out it seems you need to sign up and pay. For now I shall rely on pdf/scan but ultimately I’d like to use an online platform which would need to be free. Thanks in advance. Sue


Hi Sue, I am a new start VA and have been using HelloSign. The free version allows you to send 3 signature requests per month with max 1 sender. It is working well for me so far.


Hi Claire - that’s really helpful, thank you for sharing info re Hellosign, that’s exactly what I needed. I’ll investigate further.

Good luck with your new venture.



Hi Claire - sorry a quick look seems to infer a free trial followed by a monthly fee. Is there a trick to downgrading the free trial after expiry which continues to make it free? The URL I’m looking at is https://www.hellosign.com/products/hellosign.

I see that they’re a Dropbox company so perhaps you’ve got subscription dropbox product so it’s bundled and free?

Any further guidance will be appreciated.

Thanks again.



Hi Sue - Have a look at this link https://app.hellosign.com/info/pricing which gives details of the free version that Claire mentioned.


Tremendous, thank you Nicola. How odd that they appear to have two different pricing pages - I can imagine why!! I shall sign up using the URL you’ve provided. Many thanks again. Sue


I generally recommend Echo Sign (owned by Adobe) but it’s not free anymore. In looking at this topic for a client - I came across this new blog: https://zapier.com/blog/best-digital-signature-apps/


Glad you got it sorted and thanks to Nicola_B for helping you.


Thanks @AmandaJohnson - that’s really helpful too… I’m very much all set now


Great reference point, thanks for sharing. I’ve used HelloSign easily on a number of occasions but always useful to know what else is out there.


Try Pandadoc it’s free and has unlimited signs, I don’t use anything else! There are some additional features you can get by subscribing but for just signing documents the free version is enough.



Thanks Sarah - excellent to know about pandadoc. I am pleased I have two free viable options for e-sigs.

Best wishes, Sue


Hi Sue
I use DigiSigner which allows four free documents a month. Not sure if that helps you.


Hi Catherine - that’s really helpful, thank you. Another app I’ve not heard of! Will check it out.
Cheers, Sue