Doing your own website?


Hi everyone
I’ve had my own VA business for a year now and just have a holding page on my website as I didn’t have the funds to pay for one to be set up in the beginning. Now I have a few clients and need to have something more professional in place so wondered if anyone did their own website or if you paid someone to do it for you?

I’m reasonably “techie” but only ever updated an existing website content/news feeds. Funds are limited so I’m wondering if there are any with themes etc that are simple to use? I keep hearing about Wordpress but any advice would be very helpful!

Thank you



Hi Carolyn,

I set my website up using Wordpress, I had a bit of help from a friend but otherwise have learned various tricks by reading articles and following how-to tips.

I did go for a Wordpress site that is hosted on my own domain, and am now thinking of looking at having some advice on expanding it. But the basic theme and a few extra pages worked well for the last six years.

Hope that helps!


Hi Carolyn
I did my own website using GoDaddy - like you I’m pretty techie but hadn’t done anything like that before.
It’s really easy to use and you get a free trial for a month - I really recommend it. Feel free to take a look at mine and get some ideas
Look at some other Virtual PA sites too - once you get started you’ll realise it’s really not difficult
Good luck x


Hey Carolyn

I put my own website together using Wix. Although I had some experience with websites in the past, I’d never put one together from scratch. Very easy to use after only a short while and very easy to manage once it’s done. Most of my initial business came via my website so I can’t have done too bad! Very cost effective to do It yourself if you have a bit of time to put to it and it’s also another skill under your belt too.

Good luck!


Whatever you go for make sure you can download the pages/posts to export them into another format… It’s one of the reasons I really like Wordpress.

There are tons of wordpress set up guides - you want it to be self hosted (see why here) and if possible go with a hosting company who have a really good tech support team (and don’t be afraid to call them and talk you through it!). But essentially you download the “software” of wordpress and install it on the hosting, and then you can build your website.

Down the line you can add bells and whistles, but as a minimum you need:

  • A mailing address
  • Web stats (wordpress or your hosting will have these built in)
  • Cookie notice (pop up)
  • Privacy notice (what you do with the data - again wordpress has a good template on this)
  • A bit about you / your business - don’t be tempted to use stock shots and be really generic - they are buying you so get a nice photo!
  • Sales cues - how do they buy???

Definitely think down the line about getting the professionals in, but you should be able to start fairly easily yourself.



I started with a Wordpress site I designed and managed myself but found over time as I was adding bits and pieces things started to go a bit awry. I have now had a professional use Wordpress externally hosted to create a more professional site. I have used Go Daddy in the past for another business and fund it much easier and the support was amazing!

I put together a ‘mood’ board of all the things I did and didn’t like to help me focus on what I wanted.

Good luck!



I like the mood board idea!


I have done my own website with 1&1 IONOS. It’s really great, got the domain for free and the hosting is £1 + vat per month which includes 5 email accounts. I also got the website option, which is a further 83p per month, a total of £2.20 each month, it goes up to £10 I believe after a year.

Their templates are really easy to use too, just drag and it’s where you want it, loads of free images and great fonts - really simple.

I am going to look for someone to do my SEO as I’m not convinced that is great, but that will be down the line.

Good luck :slight_smile:


@denise63 I’ve done exactly the same. (Very nice price point for first year!)

We already have a community site with them so I was familiar and went for easier option.

I think I’ll be looking into Wordpress before renewal. Mainly because I want the experience of using it.

Spoken to Ionos a few times over the years and they’re really helpful (even at 2am when our radio site had issues)