Direct Line


I am picking my insurance and was wondering if anyone has chosen direct line as their insurance handler as I’m rarely seeing anyone mention them but seeing a vast difference in prices against other companies and wondered if there might be some reasons for this…

I am Checking the policy and seems fine but I am unsure if they cover the same areas compared to others like policy bee.

I’m restarting again so trying to start up on a very tight budget but would hate to choose the wrong cover


Hi Shelley

I decided to use Direct Line. I have other policies with them so got a nice discount. The only thing I would say is they don’t list ‘Virtual Assistant’ so you have to choose a bit of a mishmash of industries/services. I gave them a call and they were really helpful and put it all together for me. I think PolicyBee is so popular because they market themselves specifically to small businesses and use affiliate marketing. The coverage seems similar but I’m certainly no expert!

Good luck!



Thank you so much Emilie,
this is extremely helpful.
I kept seeing PB everywhere that I thought there was a reason people were not choosing anywhere else.
But like you said, I have other insurances for the car and home that the additional discount is very helpful.

Thank you so much again and I will definitely take your tip about the job title x


Hi Shelley83 - I use DL and they’ve been good for me. I used the criteria “secretarial services” which covers my work as a VA. They were competitively priced and, like you, I didn’t want a great expenditure when a newbie to the field. I added cover for cyber though. Good luck with your new venture. Sue