Digital Transcription Services


Hi All its been a while since using the forum, in fact quite a few years! I have been asked to put a proposal together to a law firm for digital transcription for the practice, e.g. attendance notes, letters, statements that type of thing. Is anyone able to share with me a Q & A that I should initially be asking them. I would also be interested to hear from anyone how they operate this kind of system. I work with many clients on Business Dropbox. Any hints and tips would be gratefully received. Gill


So we do this for a number of large companies who use us as overflow:

One issue which has been recurring is that they have internal templates which get updated, and we tend not to get those updates… So the risk of us supplying out of date standard paragraphs was high. We tend to ask they send through the latest templates with the work which solved it.

Dropbox has its drawbacks - clients can and do delete stuff, so make sure you have the ability to retrieve deleted items. You also need to track the data flow on this - who has access to which folder? Is it password protected if someone got onto their computer?

Generally file formats aren’t an issue, but we do have limitations on them because it can be a headache if a new proprietary one comes out… I’d list the digital formats you accept.

Ask how they want billed - suspect being a legal firm they are recharging your work, so you will need to supply an itemised bill.

You may well be dealing with special category data, so you need to make sure all your storage and hosting is compliant… Ask them for their data processing agreement, it may well have some unusual terms.


Thanks Caroline that’s very helpful.