Diary management


Hi Guys

This has probably been asked many times on the forum, I have a meeting with a potential client this week and looking for diary management. Which system is best? I use office 365 but considering Google calendar. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks jo


Hi Jo

I use both MS Outlook and Google Calendar but definitely prefer MS Outlook. This is simply because I use Outlook as my mail client and Google only syncs the calendar with Outlook but won’t let you update it. . This means that I have to switch applications if I want to add or edit any calendar entries which is a pain.

There are 3rd party utilities out there that will allow you to edit entries but you’d have to purchase one of them and install it on your PC which has deterred me from using them.

Good luck!



Thanks for that Stefanie, will try and steer them towards outlook. Much appreciated jo :blush:


I love the ease of Google Calendar. Plus I use it to publish my tweets and to my FB page too!


Great thank you busybe


We use Google calendar a lot - what I don’t like about it is that it’s possible for people to delete an appointment or change an appointment without any “breadcrumb” so you don’t know who did it, and that’s occasionally caused issues with us and clients in the past (so we started tracking it ourselves!).


Great thanks caroline