DBS Checks - do you have one?


Hi All,

I was just wondering how many of you have a current DBS (formerly CRB check)? I’ve got indemnity insurance, I’m ICO registered, but have been asked by a prospective client if I have a current DBS. I’ve started the process (only costs £18 initially) but was wondering if it’s something many of you have been asked about before?



It seems unusual and I have never heard of a client asking for a DBS, especially not for a VA. What exactly does your prospective client do?

I guess there is no harm in it. I would also be interested to hear if other VAs have encountered this before.


Hi there

I got myself a DBS check as my background before becoming a VA was banking. I wanted to make sure I had everything in place just in case I was asked for it, however to date, nobody has asked to see it.



They’re a care provider and the role I’d be doing involves data entry of client details so I guess they’re being cautious! Thanks for the input :slight_smile:


Thank you for the input - I suppose there’s no harm in having one! :slight_smile:


I haven’ actually being asked for one but as I have an enhanced DBS then I do promote it if I think it is relevant to a prospect.


Hi Georgina,

I have a DBS cert but only as the client that was asking for one purchased this for me… It was part of their regulations that anyone working with sensitive data had one (the work is with adults and children).

So I think you would be right to request back to the client that they pay for this for you as it is not necessarily a requirement for a VA.

Hope this helps.

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I have one - got this done before I launched my business. I’ve never been asked for one, but thought it was a good thing to have!

Hope this thread helps you!


I have two as I volunteer with Scouts and at a High school. When I was having discovery calls with a potential client, he works with children, he asked if I had one.

So yes, there are particular industries that require one if you are going to be working with the client.

I know of VAs who get a DBS check and pay for it, just so they can say they have one.


A few months ago a client asked me for an enhanced background check. The client paid for it which was nice.