Data Review Strategy


I am about a year from my first data review strategy deadline, as outlined in my Privacy Policy.

I was thinking of just looking at emails by date of last receipt and see if they are still pertinent and then deleting the ones no longer necessary and also to look at any of the things they gave me (logos) etc and see if I am still using them and if not asking the client if they want me to delete it.

Is that overkill or does it sound right?




We do it slightly differently - we have a CRM which we save the relevant stuff to - logos, relevant info which we’d need on an ongoing basis etc. and everything in the emails or general storage just gets deleted after the agreed period with the client. That varies, as we have some who seem to use us as their own personal archive!

I think your way might take a very long time… Which is fine with a small number of clients but it isn’t scalable long term.


Wow … @caroline, I obviously have much to learn.

I had been reluctant to look at CRM systems, but it might be the way to go by the sounds of things. Do you know a good course I might sign up for to teach me what they can do and how they can best be used?

Thanks :blush:


There are so many different ones… A lot of it is personal preference! Have a try of a few and see what you like? Make sure it’s compliant for data security, ISO 270001 is a good one to look for…


Thank you … I’ll look into it!