CRM suggestions please



I am hoping that someone can suggest a suitable cloud-based CRM for one of my clients.

We have looked at Insightly (which might be OK), and Zoho (which is not). The CRM needs to be able to set-up tasks, leads, projects as well as the usual customer information.

My client is happy to pay a small monthly fee for the system.

Thanks for any help,

P.S. Sorry should really have posted in the ‘hello’ section for my first post, but just been so busy recently.


Hi Cath

Depends a bit on why they are using the CRM - is it to track EVERYTHING from a compliance point of view, or just to make sure they know where they are at with each project or for marketing purposes?

For me, I prefer manual systems but they fall down unless everyone gets into the habit of documenting them. There’s stuff for visual people like Trello or Asana, or more chatty stuff like Slack which you could use per project.



Thanks for the suggestions.

It is mainly for marketing and sales opportunities tracking

For example:

Being able to add notes to a customer’s record:

  • ‘spoke to customer x, he is interested in product y, call back in 3 weeks’.

Then adding tasks with deadlines for a team member:

  • Please contact customer x to make appointment for a visit to discuss product y (deadline set for three weeks time and task allocated to the team member).

Also, adding flags to customer records which can then be used to run reports

  • interested in attending event
  • interested in product y

Then being able to run a report to find all those people interested in product y to then create a relevant mailshot.

I hope this explanation makes sense!

As mentioned Insightly is about 90% correct, but just trying to see if there are any other suggestions.