CRM advice please


Hi, can anyone please recommend a reasonably priced, easy to use CRM?

I’ve a new client who doesn’t want to spend much per month but wants to be able to use the system for client tracking and searching clients against certain criteria.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Many thanks


Hi Estelle,

Have a look here - I share a couple of my favourites here. Also check out the link I share to Secret there are loads of potentially good CRM options via them. I have recently signed up to get the Airtable credits which I am trialing as a CRM for the UK VA Awards.
I hope you are well.


Thanks so much Amanda, I really appreciate that. I’m good thanks, I hope you are too.


I would recommend or Clickup - and they are both free to use for a certain amount of data (which gives you a good start)
I started one of my clients on Monday 12 months ago and he loved it so much that he ended up buying the subscription and we now use it throughout the whole company.

If you go for either of these and need any help setting up or any advise please let me know, Id be happy to help as I built his database from scratch.(And loved every second of it!)


Hi Nikki

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll pass the details to my client.

best wishes