Credit Control Opportunity - FILLED


I am working with a number of clients chasing debt from solicitors and due to the pressures of other work, I could do with a hand with this and wondered whether anyone has the time and experience to assist with this.

This work is paid on a percentage basis. The Debts are from £200 upto £50,000 and the total is well over £1million. Its got a lot of uniqueness about it and I can provide a lot of background and templated responses etc.

It’s going to be a case of sending our chase emails, phone calls and trying to negotiate settlement based on a set of guidelines.



Hi Kristian - this is something we are familiar with and happy to see if we can help at all. Drop me an email or call me 07789 174792.
Take care


Hi Michelle

This is one of my areas of expertise. If you need additional help, please get in touch.

All the best.



Hi Kristian,
Debt chasing is not something I have done before but I would love to try it and help out if my lack of experience is not an issue for you. I’ve been told I am a good negotiator in everyday life if that helps. Ha.


Thank you everyone. I have managed to find someone who was a recommendation - always helpful.