Creating social media pages - Facebook, Twitter etc


Hi all,

I’m getting geared up to go live, likely in late January/February.

I use LinkedIn already (previous career history) and will have a LinkedIn page for my business, but how essential do people think it is to have other social media pages, namely Facebook and Twitter?

I need to give it more than five minutes thought but, currently, I’ve no idea how I will have enough engaging commentary to post regularly in the likes of these two.

Is a Facebook page, for example, which confirms my existence or alike but little/no commentary, better than nothing, or if I am to set them up is it essential I use them properly? In which case, if I’m not going to do so immediately, am I best to not set them up in the first place?

Gosh, I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks all.


Hi Adrienne,

Welcome to the group :blush:

I too am fairly new (at least to setting up my own business) and am currently working on a quick (stop-gap) website which I hope to “publish” tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

As for social media, I have decided (not least based on advice from the SVA Survey - which if you haven’t yet bought I highly recommend - and discussions here) that I will start meeting the types of clients I am hoping to work with at networking events before investing time and effort in social media as I suspect, like @caroline’s clients, they are too busy to really engage with social media much.

However, if memory serves, most VAs participating in the survey said that Facebook was the most effective medium to communicate with, and obtain, clients. But I still feel that it very much depends on the type of client you are hoping to have because each industry (or client type), has different ways of communicating.

Hope that helps a little.

:four_leaf_clover: with everything.



Thanks also Anna for this response. I think you’re probably spot on with your thoughts there in that now isn’t the right time for me to do it. I’ll take a look at FB though as maybe it might be worth having a page to serve as directory entrant, as such, so people can contact me via that if they’d like to. I know myself from previous personal needs I like to use FB messenger. I have to admit though that if they haven’t posted recently I can then somewhat question the legitimacy, but maybe there’s ways round that.

Best of luck with your interim website!


Depends massively on your target market - mine is cash rich, time poor so they spend minimal amounts of time online on social networking…We rarely if ever get business directly from them. However, I do know that these get checked out from our website and from the followers on the different platforms, so I reckon it’s used almost as a check to see that:

  1. We’re still trading
  2. We understand what we are doing on those platforms

That’s personal to my business though - I know other VAs who get ALL their business from Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn (these tend to be VAs who specialise in social media or kind of recreational/hobby businesses though where their target market spends a lot of time on those platforms).

Start with who you think will use your services. Who are they? What do they do? Where do they hang out?

I would say it’s worth having the platforms set up, if only to reserve the names though.


Thanks very much Caroline, and that last comment is definitely a very valid point. My skill set is certainly not social media, and so I wouldn’t be showcasing my skills on it, nor would I have much to say via it (at least at this stage), but I do think it’s worthwhile having as a directory entry at least.

Thanks for replying.


If you plan to claim the social media names - you could create a post that tells the follower which of the social media platforms you are active on. So for example - let’s say you create the twitter profile but at this stage you decide you don’t plan to use it - still fill in bio / the website url etc and then create a tweet - that you pin to the top - thanking people for popping by and telling them where they can instead find you. (This would work best with a graphic to really grab their eye)


Love this! Thank you so much Amanda - will definitely do this. Not something I’d have thought of… :roll_eyes: :smiley:


Wow … had never thought of it in those terms! Thank you so much :blush:


As Has been already mentioned, to have your desired branding in all platforms is probably desirable set up, therefore you are giving yourself the option to use it at a later date if and when you targeted audience is on that platform.

So having your basic details there and posting maybe once a week is good, this way you are visible, it concentrate on one or two platforms that are relevant and preferred by you one your clients, but you have to use it and be social, it’s called SOCIAL media for a reason.

Overall it does depend on your target audience , like designers (use Instagram and Pinterest, possibly even YouTube). Coaches and mentors use linked, instagram and Pinterest. Local business (Instagram, facebook). Look to see what others do and emulate but do not feel you have to be on all of them, it’s too much for one person.


Thanks for this. I was chatting to a marketing friend over the weekend and she was saying the same. I’m going to try and secure FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. There’s no way I’d do all five though and likely just the former two at most, esp at this stage. Maybe a weekely/bi-weekly post on those two, plus the pinned post on the others with contact details and where best to find me, would be a good starter.


I was listening to a webinar the other day with Alicia Forest and she raised a really excellent point about all the social media stuff - if an algorithm changes or their T&Cs change, you don’t own the data. She was saying that her main aim is to convert people onto her own mailing list rather than “someone else’s”. It’s definitely something to bear in mind overall.


@caroline is this because of the new rules that governments are trying to impose on social media to reduce the risk of “fake news” dissemination? Or has it more to do with the GDPR Data Controller/Processor relationship and where the Social Media user sits vis-à-vis the corporation owner?

I am yet to be “inducted” into the world of social media so this is all news to me (and a little daunting!) but it sounds like an important point that needs to be considered.

Is the webinar available for purchase “after the fact” as it were?




Bit of both really - yes, new legislation is going to mean Facebook et all are going to be hampered by what they can do with your data, and that means they are going to be looking at other revenue streams possibly including charging you to reach “your” followers.

Advertising Standards will be looking a lot more closely at claims on social media too, but I doubt this will have a big impact, because they won’t uphold any complaint as long as what you are writing is true…

My concern is mostly that they are greedy buggers! If you google Alicia Forest, it’s on one of her FB groups (ironically!)