Corporate Gifts


Not sure if this is the right place for this…

I’ve been asked to source ‘New year’ gifts for clients all over the world: Dubai, USA, Europe - ideally i’d like to find local suppliers of original/unique fruit baskets or similar…

where would you start?!!


Rachel a quick internet search turned up this organisation. I have no idea how good they are but they do offer deliveries of various gifts to over 200 countries. You might be able to find some testimonials listed.

They may be worth a look.


I’d maybe source a really good courier and then see if a local supplier could do the baskets with a regional theme for where you are - so Scottish produce or Cornish treats.

Bear in mind that if you are shipping internationally there will be products which you can’t send - anywhere Far East won’t take any food/drink.


I can’t help with sourcing the goodies, but Caroline’s suggestion of sending products local to where you are is a good one. Promotes you, and promotes local producers.

What I can help with is the courier -

Dave Lewis of InXpress on 07450 284 279 is brilliant.

I have recommended him to several VAs who were impressed. His prices are based on volume, so he needs the measurements of your parcel. Weight is immaterial. He’ll arrange pick up, and delivery at very reasonable rates.

Give him a ring, and mention Carole Meyrick…