Contracts and T&Cs


I am in the final stages of setting up and now just looking into contracts and T&Cs, i have found a number that you can purchase. Some of these have been specifically put together by a lawyer for virtual assistants and come with T&Cs, but most are £97.00 or more. I have searched the internet to find out what else is out there, so my question is Where did you get your contract and T&Cs from? Any help and guidance would be appreciated Many thanks


They sound like Suzanne Dibbles, which are meant to be good.

The alternate is Koffee Klatch which are also really good and what I have used for mine, i also have their VA GDPR Support Group.


A lot of it is personal preference… What you and your clients prefer to see. If you are an FSB member there is a free contract on there which you can use either with clients or with subcontract VAs.

The things to check are:

  • Has it been drafted by a UK lawyer? A lot of the ones adapted from a US template would not stand up in court because they have “golden handcuffs” or restraint of trade clauses included.
  • How long is it and is it easy for clients to understand? Frankly I have seen contracts which are tomes of text and which really put off the clients because it’s written in Legalese not English.
  • How much understanding do they have of VAs? We’ve seen a lot of clunky contracts which are adapted from subcontractors contracts and they miss out big chunks of stuff we’d expect to see in a VA contract and include all sorts of weird stuff which isn’t relevant. The SVA contracts are a “fill in the blanks” style but also come with guidance on what you should include - we do recommend you get the finished contract checked by your own lawyer though. The KoffeeKlatch ones which we recommend are more hand-holding because you get the support of the FB group - so if you want to tweak stuff, those would be the ones to go for.

Hope that helps!