Consultation Fee?


Just having a thought about what my consultation process might be for a new client. Anyone gone to the effort of meeting up, chatting through their needs, giving a detailed report/advising cost only for them to not take it any further?

Is it worth charging for this, given that it could take up a couple to 3 hours of my time, with a view to it being free should they sign up, or am I just a bit bonkers with this thought???


I know a couple of web designers and graphic designers who work this way - because you do spend a lot of time prepping stuff and talking through how it will work etc. I guess because their projects tend to be a big chunk of cost and include scoping it all out, clients are prepared to pay for it.

I don’t personally know any VAs who charge for this (guys, jump in here if you do!!)

For myself, I tend not to do meetings simply because it does waste so much time. I can usually explain what we are able to do via email/phone, so if they don’t get it after that, they aren’t my ideal client. I’m happy to write off the time chatting on the phone as a business development cost.

Obviously that’s not going to work for everyone. But I wonder if perhaps beyond a telephone call, there’s scope for booking in a session as a VA where they get a project proposal, review of what they have, outlining what needs done etc.

There is always the risk you give the cow away free with the milk… I once had a prospect who was vvv curious about all our processes and how we would do her particular project - I went into a lot of detail (rookie mistake!) and she ended up hiring an employee. I had the last laugh though because the employee quit 6 months into the project, we ended up finishing it up for her and charged WAY more than I’d originally quoted because the employee had half done things or done things in the wrong order from what we would have done which meant we had to go back over everything.


Thanks Caroline, love the sweet ending!

Yes I guess it does apply more to web/graphic designers etc. it was just one of those ‘I wonder if this ever happens’ thoughts…like you say if they don’t get it after a phone conversation…:woman_shrugging:

Thanks again…more questions coming soon!

Have a good weekend.