Coaching advice



I have a fabulous client who has asked me to become a life coach.

I have somehow found myself with a niche business supporting professionals with ADHD and Autism. So the coaching qualification would be to support my work with these customers.

The thing is I am a little unsure about becoming a Life Coach…I mean where do I go? What type of qualification would I need? What is the best accreditation?

How do other people deal with these requests? I don’t want to lose my customer but also not sure I want to be a niche VA.

I could just be overthinking it but I don’t have anyone else to bounce the idea off? Any advice would be appreciated.



Why do they want you to become one and will it affect your relationship with them if you don’t?

Also how will it affect the rest of your business. I know you say it will support the work you do with professionals with ADHD and Autism but is this want you want to focus on? If it is and you think the qualification will help you then go ahead but if there is no direct benefit to you then perhaps you need to consider your options


It’s a difficult one and something that you will need to research. I think you need to think long term and what it is you would like to do. I know it is hard sometimes saying no to the client, but if you do loose one you will gain another.

It does sound super exciting but it also is a different direction to a VA.

Good luck in whatever you choose I am sure you will be amazing either way.


Thanks. I have been considering it over the last few days. I have decided to do a Level 2 course in Coaching and Mentoring so I can further support the clients I have with ADHD. The qualification won’t take very long to get and I can study online so can fit in with my other commitments.

I am not going to go down the professional Life Coach role…not really my bag.

The client I have works with other ADHD people who are potential customers so if I can do the qualification then it may bring more business my way. I just didn’t want to over commit myself with me only being a few months into all of this new business.

Hope you are all doing well!


It sounds like you’ve found a great balance. I just wanted to say good luck - it sounds really exciting!