Clients from US


Hello everyone!
My first post finally. I’d like to know how are you solving the tax issue if you’re working with a client from US. I have a potential client who’s willing to work with me but because I haven’t worked with anyone from US before, I wonder what legal stuff I need to have in place (apart from contract and insurance).
Any advice?
Thanks a lot :pray:


Your client will most likely want you to sign a disclaimer for the US Inland Revenue which states that since they haven’t paid the tax, you’ve paid tax on it elsewhere. This is known as a W2/1099 form (which one depends on how the US company has declared you in their tax return).

Make sure the contract specifies that any legal stuff is dealt with here and that your insurance has cover with a reputable US company too to fight your corner over there. Most of the bigger insurers will have a tie in or US office but it is worth checking as some won’t and will just settle any US claims - which of course affects your renewal.

The main issue is I guess getting paid - I would insist on upfront payment via IBAN…And a lot of US Banks don’t have this and need to use a clearing bank, so it can take up to 2 weeks to get the cash through. TransferWise is another option or Stripe. Don’t get it via Paypal, as the client can reverse the charges.