Change of name


Hello you wonderful people,
Just a quick survey if I might. I have my own VA company, only a couple of clients that I have known for a while, but I have become disheartened with the name (bad memories of when I was scammed in the past ) and wondered if any of you had changed the name of your company? and if so how was it received?
I didn’t know whether to keep the original name and incorporate the new name or the other way around as I have the website set up etc… so for example - Doncaster Secretarial and PA Services (Absolute PA) or Absolute PA (DSPAS) …
I am looking to you lovely lot for some advice if possible.
Many thanks :slight_smile:


I think if you are going to change the name you need to do a complete change and re-brand. Domain names are not that expensive so even if you put a forward on the new name to your current website but to use both names is very long winded and confusing to the end user!


If you’re going to change the name invoice your customers. Keep reminding them in the run up to the official switch over date, call them, email them etc. I would t imagine clients would be that bothered as there isn’t much to do from their end :+1:t3:


We did a name change and complete rebrand. I felt we’d outgrown the name of the company I set up when I was a one (wo)man band. I’d also used my initials… and later gotten married and changed my name so it all felt out of kilter.

I had a good look at what I wanted my company to represent, who I was targeting and decided to go with The Edwards Company (UK) Ltd - with a website My colours changed from red to navy, mustard and red. It just felt like it represented what we have grown into so much better. I felt more connected to the business once I’d done it - almost like it had grown up!

My email and website for my old site I still have, and they forward on to my new details (it costs very little to do this)

I let our current clients know of the change (a couple of times for good measure!) and did a social media campaign in advance warning of changes coming “Watch this space” type of thing - the rebrand went really well.

My advice is to plan it out and make sure not to get lost in what is popular and make sure it works for your business (I did lose some times down the pastel route until I realised that is not who we are)

Good luck!