Canva and Hootsuite


Does anyone find it useful to subscribe to both of these services ?:hatched_chick:


Yes, I pay for both these platforms.


Thanks Michelle, if you had to choose just one, would it be Canva? At least Canva can do both? Although Hootsuite graphics are better…


I have used Canva for both the paid and free version in the past. Hootsuite I have not used.


Yes I think I will just stick with Canva… seems to do everything I need and for £100 a year it’s not bad :slight_smile:


Definitely Canva for me


Not sure what you mean re Hootsuite graphics. I use it for scheduling. Canva is the graphics package and you can now post directly from there which may suit you better.



I love Canva but have recently changed to Crello which I have heard is a lot better than Canva! Only time will tell slight_smile: Hootsuite I have never heard of, that’s a new one to me!