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I kind of feel this is barking up the wrong tree - women have better soft skills and these are going to be in massive demand come the AI revolution…

Whenever I speak about virtual working, people are keen to tell me about their tech, but in reality the successful virtual workers are the ones who master those soft skills.
What do you guys think?


Articles like this make me kinda angry.

Of all the stereotypes of people who will be struggling with these developments, I wouldn’t have picked women as my first choice to write about…

  • What about the aging generation who haven’t any experince working with any technology

  • People who are used to manual jobs

  • People who don’t have the ability to use technology

It talks of mobility issues, family issues, etc. Won’t these assist with getting more women (or parents!) into work as it’ll enable more flexible working and/or training.

To just pick on women seems a cop out and purposely written to stir a reaction. Or, maybe that’s just me, always been to challenge a different view.


I read it that way too - and tbh I think women are more adaptable then men in the workplace. We will do fine!