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I’m in a bit of a pickle and wonder if any book-keepers out there can unpickle me.

I’ve been looking into studying a book-keeping course this past month and have a few options available to me. I’ve looked at the ICB courses and the cost of studying at home. I’ve read some past threads and am also aware of the money laundering regs and having to be registered with a professional body or HMRC.

I’ve also done a bit of research and have found out about ‘Train to Gain’. Their website is here It is Government funding available for those who wish to improve their skills and self-employed persons are eligible (yes, I had to read that bit twice as well).

I made enquiries into funding and a Train to Gain Officer at Business Link advised me that self-employed persons qualify for funding to study the AAT qualification as it is an NVQ. Although funding does depend on existing qualifications you hold. Which is really good news but this is where I end up in a pickle.

I have been advised that the AAT route would be a better route to take, because it is a more recognised qualification.

Is there a benefit to obtaining an AAT qualification to the ICB qualification?

a pickled Kelly :?


I’ve done some of the AAT at home but via the diploma route. I belive you can only do the NVQ If you have a trained accountant to verify your work.

I was told I couldn’t get funding to complete the AAT as I was on the wrong course!

Perhaps I need to look at it again!


That’s right. The funding is only available for the NVQ route, sorry I should have mentioned that. I did ask for funding for the diploma route but it is not available yet.

The AAT NVQ has to be taken at a college where NVQ assessors can verify your work, but each Level will take a year to complete.

That is what’s steering me more towards the ICB.


Is there an age limit on the NVQ? I am forty this year and seem too old for everything!

I was considering the AAT as well. I spoke to my accountant and he is getting me some Sage training including their book keeping training for now. They have exams I can sit at the end of it.

I noticed the cut off for enrolling for AAT was the end of this month, with the next enrolment I believe being December, so will have to think about this carefully between now and the next enrollment.

I would prefer the study at home route to fit in with workload, small child etc.

I will watch this thread with interest.


Hi everyone. This feed has been very informative. Does anyone have any views on Pitman Book-keeping courses?